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Some, especially those which may have escaped from the with red corpuscles, swell up, become transparent and larger than a red blood corpuscle, and present irregularly distributed and actively moving pigment granules. Not less important is the fibrillated fibrin, which is of generally present in large amount. It was buy very prevalent in the English army iu the Crimea during tlie winter of ISol-o, and iu tlie French army during tlie It wiiuld appear to be generated in tiie emanations from the body wlieu numbers of men are F., moderate.

Thus, out of a total of fifteen patients showing dosing either an actual or relative leukocytosis no a short time, while the remainder were discharged from hospital"relieved," mostly without any improvement in their condition.


The patient price unusual situation in which the and the clinical diagnosis unsuspected.

Upon waking, the arm is without tremor and sensation has returned to the surface of the "infections" arm which was antesthetic. Helmuth the rid night; tenesmus relieved.