Philadelphia: CARDS OR SLIPS FROM THIS of POCKET. In other words, we believe that, because of the fact that gastric immotility and dearth of mucus in the stomach contents are such universal conditions in gastric cancer, when these persistently prevail we should strongly suspect cancer, and institute exploratory diagnostic The side abnormal findings that characterize gastric cancer are due to the profound vicious influence of this disease upon all the gastric tissues. The assumption is that they are nutri-west accidental and incidental and in no way indicate distinct forces back of them. They recommend that there shall be one central authority, to be called the board of control, consisting of medical experts and barristers; also that special local authorities shall be appointed to deal with their defectives under the supervision of the central board, all institutions for the care of these defectives to be licensed by the central board and to be visited at least twice a year (effects).


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At a later period, when the eruption is assuming a chronic form, the question as to the expediency of resorting generic to some medicinal agent well known for its special therapeutic action on the diseased cutaneous membrane, naturally suggests itself to the medical attendant. This principle is equally true whether the aviator is high in the air or approaching the ground (work). Before its birth, the blood was the immediate vehicle mg that conveyed the morbific element into the organism of the offspring; after birth, the milk, which is eliminated from the blood, is the medium of transmission of the same morbific principle; and in our efforts to relieve or cure the child, we are contending not only with the disease itself, but with a constant repetition of the cause that produced it. The wound was then closed with about taking five sutures. I think, however, that it differs brand greatly from the same condition in normal individuals.